ground water monitoring network Groningen

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Gemeente Groningen
Period of execution:
Since 2008

Gemeente Groningen (local authority Groningen) has a public responsibility for the ground water and the mapping of ground waterlogging. Gemeente Groningen therefore assigned Wiertsema & Partners to install a ground water monitoring network/monitoring well network. The lifts in the monitoring wells are registered over a long period of time and this information will be used for the reports issued by Wiertsema & Partners.   

Activities Wiertsema & Partners:

- Carrying out shallow drillings and installing monitoring wells.
- Measuring the ground water level in the monitoring wells. (Manually or with equipment).
- Managing, analysing and reporting the measured ground water levels and lifts.
- Providing reports in which the geohydrological situation is described and the possible causes and solutions of ground 
  waterlogging are given.