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Wiertsema & Partners

Your geotechnical engineering company!

Wiertsema en Partners provides extensive services for your geotechnical projects. We have more than 45 years of experience and are in the top 3 of geotechnical engineering companies in the Netherlands. 

Our employees have state-of-the-art equipment and we own a highly-rated geotechnical laboratory. Our consultancy department offers you the best solutions for all your projects.


We use high-quality equipment to collect data

The foundation of our analysis and consultancy is a solid research. Our employees have modern equipment to collect several field data. 


Experienced engineers

We provide geotechnical, geohydrological and enviromental consultancy. Combined with our research and analysis we can offer you the best solutions for all  your projects.


Support before, during and after construction

Our Monitoring department can give you the necessary support during the preparation and realisation of your geotechnical project. Risks of possible damage and nuisance are minimized during the entire process.


Leading geotechnical laboratory

Wiertsema & Partners has one of the best geotechnical  laboratories in the Netherlands.  We can carry out a wide range of geotechnical and geohydrological tests.

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GeoWEP and Profiler, digital data and BRO, 3D subsurface models

Our GeoICT department develops concepts for new data and information products, develops software for process and quality improvements and ensures that all IT systems and the online Geoloket platform are available and operational 24/7 for all end users.

Wiertsema & Partners is specialised in

Geotechnical and environmental soil and groundwater investigation | Wiertsema & Partners

Geotechnical and environmental soil and groundwater investigation

Geotechnical monitoring | Wiertsema & Partners


Geotechnical laboratory | Wiertsema & Partners


GeoICT | Wiertsema & Partners


Geotechnical consultancy | Wiertsema & Partners

Geotechnical consultancy

We provide even more services...

We are an expert in all aspects of geotechnical field research, both on land and inland waterways, but also offshore. For all your geotechnical issues we offer the appropriate solution.

We spend a lot of time on the environment of an investigation site. This means that residents and other parties involved are always well informed and the project location is left tidy after the investigation.

Quality and safety are our top priorities. We have several certificates to guarantee good quality and to insure our employees can work in a safe environment.

Wiertsema & Partners B.V.

Your navigation system may refer you to the back of our office. You will find our main entrance at the front. There is ample parking available and a charging station with two charging points for electric cars and charging points for E-bikes.

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