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Underwater research

Below you can find an overview of our equipment used for underwater research.

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Ship Grietje W

We have our own ship Grietje W to conduct cpt's and geotechnical and environmental drilling on water.

CPT's/drilling from a pontoon

For carryin out cpt''s for example at quays or on water we have a pontoon and special CPT equipment. 


The SoniDens is an accurate piece of equipment for the measurement of the in-situ density of fluid mud (unconsolidated sediment). It is very light-weight, which makes it easy to handle. Deployment of the SoniDens can be done from a vessel with a small deck crane and small winch.

Sludge Sampler

We can collect sludge samples at a known depth with the Sludge Sampler. In our laboratory we can investigate the rheological properties of the samples. For this we are in possession of a Brookfield rheometer. With this device we can determine the flow curves from the sludge samples. If desired, the viscosity and yield stress can also be derived.