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Experienced engineers

We provide geotechnical, geohydrological and environmental consultancy. Combined with our research and analysis we can offer you the best solutions for all  your projects. 


We provide extensive geotechnical consultancy for different projects, such as:

  • Foundations
  • Damage cases
  • Sheet pile structures
  • Stability calculations
  • Settlement
  • Thermal resistivity survey
  • Directional drilling
  • Vibration prediction
  • Construction pits
  • Sand mining 


Geohydrology (groundwater): a crucial part for subsurface, buildings and spaces.  Getting insight into local geohydrology is important for a wide variety of civil engineering activities. 

During the initial phase of a project the focus is on feasibility, conducting impact studies and risk inventories. During the design phase our geohydrological specialists often form part of design or construction teams. Finally, during the use phase, the focus is on monitoring and expertise, such as the construction and maintenance of monitoring wells and providing hydrological analyzes.


We support clients with research, (contract) supervision, feasability studies, risk analyzes and the permits for the realization of projects. Our clients are, among others, provincial authorities, water boards, municipal authorities, companies and private customers.  

We are specialised in conducting several environmental researches and the provision of reports. 

We can carry out the entire research process, from the field studies to the preparation, support and evalution of a decontamination. Your goals are central. We are able to determine the quality and the disposal destination of the soil and materials.