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A good analysis of all available data forms the basis for setting up a soil investigation. In an increasingly progressive digitalization, GeoICT will play an increasingly important role within projects and design calculations.

Wiertsema & Partners has developed software to uniformly process, analyze, and visualize cone penetration tests, boreholes, laboratory tests, and groundwater measurements. This allows us to analyze and compare a wide range of both our own geotechnical data and BRO data in our GeoLoket web application.

GeoLoket is a GIS web application developed by Wiertsema & Partners, wherein a large amount of site-specific cone penetration test (CPT), drilling, and laboratory data from Wiertsema & Partners is stored. Within GeoLoket, this information is combined with various public sources containing data about soil composition (such as BRO and GeoTOP) and other public resources (like PDOK and AHN). By integrating this information within one platform, users are enabled to study and analyze this information in spatial correlation with one another.

In addition to Wiertsema & Partners' data, public drilling and cone penetration test data from the Dutch Key Registry for the Subsurface (BRO) and drillings from Dinoloket are accessed via GeoLoket. GeoLoket contains a total of over 1,000,000 drillings, cone penetration tests, and monitoring wells. Although the bulk of the available data is within the Netherlands, GeoLoket contains data from all over the world. In GeoLoket all necessary metadata for the available information is present, allowing the selection of data from the correct category for the intended application and utilizing the underlying data in project studies or analyses. Through comprehensive knowledge of all available data, we can highlight the opportunities and possibilities, as well as the risks and knowledge gaps in research areas, and advise on how to efficiently leverage the subsurface potential at project locations, minimize risks, and where necessary, expand with additional soil/laboratory research or geomeasuring data.