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We use high-quality equipment to collect data

A solid research is the foundation of our analysis and consultancy. Our employees have modern equipment to collect necessery data. We are ISO, SCC** and BRL SIKB certified. Please contact us for more information about soil investigation. 

Geotechnical soil investigation

Geotechnical field studies are carried out to map the properties of the soil. Information about soil properties is important to make decisions about which type of foundation has to be used for construction projects. Information about the soil properties is also vital for projects involving earth works, water level reductions and sand extraction.

The first step in a soil exploration usually involves carrying out cone penetration tests and drilling. The equipment that is used depends on the accessibility of the location.

Geohydrological research

Geohydrological field research is carried out to map the soil structure and water permeability properties of the soil. 

Knowledge of this water permeability is important, among other things, for water level reductions (well point systems) and the determination of the potential for drainage or infiltration.

We can assist you by performing in-situ field tests, pumping tests, groundwater level measurements and monitoring (quantity and quality).

Underwater research

A thorough marine soil investigation to obtain the quality and quantity of sediment and silt in rivers, canals, estuaries, harbors and seas is almost always necessary for the preparation of a dredging plan, generating pilot studies and/or feasibility studies for innovative solutions for its maintenance.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of a soil investigation plan and the implementation and supervision of the research. With our own field team, ship (Grietje W) and geotechnical laboratory we can map the sediment in accordance with the applicable environmental guidelines and protocols. We can also determine the physical and rheological properties.

Environmental research

The quality of the soil and the ground water plays an important role for building plans, real estate transactions, infrastructural plans or for the management and maintenance of waterways. 

Throught soil investigations the quality of the soil can be determined. We are specialised in performing different (underwater) soil research and asbestos research. We have several certificates for the professional and safe execution of soil research.