4th MASHCON Conference


Wiertsema & Partners together with Flanders Hydraulics Research investigated on behalf of Groningen Seaports the influence on the manoeuvrability of a vessel when sailing with a small and negative under keel clearance in the harbour of Delfzijl by performing a full scale field test.

The full scale field test was performed in May 2015 during spring tide corresponding to a negative under keel clearance up to -5% UKC at low tide. Several trials were performed during the full scale field test in the harbour entrance channel with different under keel clearances and changing from going inbound to outbound.

On the 4th MASHCON Conference in Hamburg a publication will be presented regarding the 2nd Full Scale Field Test in the Port of Delfzijl. The paper gives a summary of the full scale field test, used measuring techniques for qualifying the mud layer, an overview of interactions between involved parties and the results.

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