Vopak oil terminal Eemshaven

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Period of execution:

Eemshaven continuously grows in size, potential and significance. In early 2011, the storage company Vopak decided to  build an oil terminal together with investment fund NIBC European Infrastructure Fund at Eemshaven. The terminal will be built in phases. The first phase involves 11 tanks of 60,000 m3 each (total 660,000 m3) and a jetty. In subsequent phases, the plan is to expand the number of tanks with a maximum capacity of 46 tanks (total 2.76 million m3). Mainly crude oil and oil products such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene will be stored.

The terminal is designed for the storage of strategic oil stocks that can be addressed in times of scarcity, for example caused bij international political tensions. The preparatory work has begun in early 2011. The tanks will be connected with the new jetty through pipelines. The terminal should be ready at the end of 2012.

After conducting research in the form of driling and CPT's, geotechnical advice was given for the tank farm and the pipelines that cross the primary Sea Barrage. During the construction phase, compaction measurementes were conducted.