Underground parking Oosterstraat-Gedempte Keizersgracht in Leeuwarden

Underground parking Oosterstraat-Gedempte Keizersgracht in Leeuwarden  Underground parking Oosterstraat-Gedempte Keizersgracht in Leeuwarden_2  
Gemeente Leeuwarden/ CRUX Engineering
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Period of execution:

In May 2012 the activities for the new underground parking Oosterstraat-Gedempte Keizersgracht in the city center of Leeuwarden started. This new underground parking consists of 2 layers and offers more than 250 parking lots. 

Activities geotechnical investigation and consultancy 
Wiertsema & Partners has been involved with the preparation of this project since the fall of 2007. We have conducted drillings, cpt's and geotechnical laboratory testing and issued geotechnical and geohydrological advice. The cpt's were conducted prior to the demolition of the building that had to be removed. During the drilling we also applied monitoring wells in 2 different layers.

Activities monitoring
The execution of activities in an old city center can have risks. To minimize these risks an extensive monitoring program has been prepard by CRUX Engineering. These activities will be carried out by Wiertsema & Partners and includes:

- measuring groundwater level in monitoring wells;
- applying and measuring deformation points on buildings (xyz measurement);
- gradient measurements alongside the underground parking;
- vibration measurements on the surrounding buildings during the demolition and construction.

Prior to the construction of the underground parking the sewerage in the Nieuwstraatje, Galileërkerkstraat and the Ritsumastraat was replaced. During these activities we monitored the groundwater levels, the vibrations and the settlement of surrounding properties.