Our work


Wiertsema & Partners has its own work vessel, pontoon and small work boat. This allows us to perform marine soil investigations in many locations. Our field team has a lot of experience in the marine soil investigations. The availability within Wiertsema & Partners of a wide range of equipment provides many possibilities. Some examples are:

- SoniDens (density measurements in silt / sediment);
- Sludge Sampler (sampling of the liquid sludge / sediment);
- Horizontal Water/Sediment Sampler (water - sediment samples for concentration determination and sedimentation rate);
- hose pump (sampling of the fluid silt / sediment);
- Van Veen Happer (sampling of top silt / sediment);
- Beeker Sampler (sampling of consolidated sediment);
- mini piston corer (sampling of consolidated sediment.)

         Sludge Sampler 
Sludge Sampler

 Horizontal Water Sampler
Horizontal Water Sampler

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