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Bank stability with sand mining pits

Instability of underwater slopes during sand mining could lead to undesirable bank collapses. Bank collapse could be unexpectedly big and lead to damage to objects close to the sand mining pit (e.g.: roads and buildings)

Wiertsema & Partners give consult regarding design, execution and management after exploitation. The consult is focused on the optimisation of the sand mining without it leading to unwanted bank collapses. We can execute the fieldworks, laboratory testing and consultation within our company. The last years we have acquired an extensive experience in sand mining pits. Below is an overview of subjects which we consult;

• execution of soil and laboratory investigation;
• consultation bank stability;
• dimensioning of safe slopes and safe zones, (optimisation) slope design;
• geohydrological consult;
• drafting mining plan;
• mining delivery calculation;
• risk analysis;
• slope prediction during sand mining;
• bank caving consultation (due to wind or waves);
• drafting a repair plan.

We have done consultation for sand mining companies but also for the governmental services.

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